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Totally Fscking Metal
30 September 2014 @ 08:25 pm
I picked up my new bike today.

A 2006 Bavarian Motor Works K1200 R. It's bone stock and near mint with only 17,000 miles and a minor blemish on the tank, and the melted tread of the previous owner's boot on the exhaust pipe. It's officially the first vehicle I've owned that was made in this century.

Our house's VFRs Sable and Phoenix want to go fast. They titter excitedly every time you give them a little gas and ask "please, sir, can I have some more?"

This bike doesn't ask, it DEMANDS. It rumbles and sways uneasily at low speed, gears gnashing agitatedly every time you slow down. It has a weird feeling to it, unstable and with a lot of inertia, but very low center of gravity, it wobbles in response to every shift of your body, like walking a tightrope. The engine shudders and pops, buzzing unevenly as you idle along with a vague feeling in the steering. At these speeds it's simultaneously skittish like a small bike and sluggish like a boat.

But when you open up that throttle, that all goes away. The bike uplifts you, propelling you forward on rails; the revs instantly turn smooth as glass as the suspension kicks in, planting you solidly on your line, responding to your every command without hesitation. Near instantly you're cruising at the freeway limit, and the engine is only just barely touching the bottom of the power band, wailing at you like an untamed animal to be unleashed while you fight to keep it reeled in. It enshrines irresponsibility.

I can see why the previous owner sold it after less than a thousand miles. He was probably terrified for his life. It's not a bike that wants to go faster. It's a bike that holds a Luger to your dick and hollers SCHNELL! SCHNELL!

The seat is uncomfortable, but it's not really meant to be sat in. The luggage is minimal. No fairing or comforts like power jacks, although it has heated grips and electronically adjustable suspension. It's Sport Touring In Name Only. This is a bike for Fun; for challenging the road head-on. It's raw, and elegant, and it needs a name... I'm thinking Spartan.
Totally Fscking Metal
20 June 2008 @ 05:36 am
I have painful chemical burns on my hands and neck from when a bottle of my favorite hot sauce exploded today. How metal is that?
Totally Fscking Metal
20 February 2008 @ 07:08 pm
The RIAA is probably the most self-defeating organization ever to have existed.

On one hand, they try to sell music, while at the same time condemning any attempt by potential customers to discover the music in the first place. To the bands, their music being played on the radio in a shop loud enough for the customers to get a taste of it is free advertising. To the RIAA, it's grand larceny.

On one hand, they want filesharing destroyed, while on the other, one of their greatest sources of revenue is suing the people that use them. Just think, if the RIAA could succeed in shutting down filesharing, they might go out of business!

Meanwhile, they alienate their potential customers by boosting prices on music to make up for imaginary losses induced by filesharing, violate their privacy, abuse them with excessively restricting DRM, and attempt to kill internet radio with unpayable royalties.

For an organization that sells music, they sure try hard to suppress and eliminate it wherever possible.
Totally Fscking Metal
26 January 2008 @ 02:52 pm
Check them out if you like harmonic metal, or artists like Saxon and Dio: Astral Doors, [Sample]
Current Music: Astral Doors - Far Beyond the Astral Doors
Totally Fscking Metal
10 December 2007 @ 08:34 pm
This journal is for music blogging. If you like music, you might like watching this journal.
Totally Fscking Metal
10 December 2007 @ 08:14 pm
Price check, clean-up aisle 6. Rotted Body Landslide. And don't forget our special sale on Every Bone Broken chicken! Hurry! Enjoy our tasty Hammer Smashed Face. Aisle 3.